Welcome to Los Arboles
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Our passion with nature is matched by our passion for presenting our guests
with only the best service at our luxe accomodations and the best
experiences at events held in our garden venues.
Welcome to Los Arboles Tagaytay
Tucked away in a quiet road a few minutes’ drive off the Tagaytay Ridge, the sprawling grounds of
Los Arboles invite everyone to come and revel in the majestic splendour of nature.

Inspired by the serene beauty of the trees that the property is named after, Los Arboles was established in 2015 as the culmination of a dream to build a space where everyone would be welcome to celebrate and create happy memories in a refreshing natural atmosphere. Amidst the myriad of tree and flora species, Los Arboles seeks to recreate the natural charm of Tagaytay and Manila of years past. 

Within the gently sloping expanse of Los Arboles are lush, verdant gardens teeming with hundreds of tree and flora varieties creating the perfect background for special events, and seven elegant casitas where guests can feel at home and indulge in all the inspiring beauty nature has to offer. At Los Arboles, we pride ourselves in giving the highest attention to all the details that would ensure only the best experiences for our guests as we continue to create a sustainable and environmentally sound natural setting. We invite you to come and experience the best of nature here at Los Arboles, it would be our pleasure to welcome you to our idyllic natural paradise.

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The Casitas
cozy atmosphere of European country cottages
We invite you to feel right at home in the elegant interiors of our fully-furnished casitas nestled in the lush surroundings of our expansive garden. Indulge in relaxation in the two bedrooms furnished with hotel-quality beds and luxurious linens and one full bathroom equipped with luxe modern fixtures.
The Garden
our gardens are the perfect setting for events
You may choose among our three gardens of varying sizes for an
area that will best suit your needs- our main garden situated
by the casitas on the lower side of the property is perfect for
bigger events and can comfortably accommodate 500 guests.
The Gazebo
an idyllic location on the uppermost garden area
The quaint, romantic structure sits above a serene koi pond that winds along the garden, making it the perfect place for cocktails or more intimate events. Providing a dramatic, sweeping view of the gardens and the tree-lined sloping path, the Gazebo also looks out to the gently streaming waterfall situated at the side of the property.
Our Packages
Here at Los Arboles, we all about celebrating nature
alongside life's special events. Our beutifully landscaped
garden are ideal settings for weddings, parties,
and get-together

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